User Guide

This is a guide for users navigating Terria Maps and Terria Digital Twins. Documentation for software developers using TerriaJS is available here:


Terria Platforms are based on the work of Open Source communities, contributors and funding organisations of TerriaJS, Cesium, Leaflet, Magda and other repositories. The platforms include rich data catalogues and basemaps provided by Australian Government organisations at the Local, State and Commonwealth levels; research institutions, universities and private companies. To all of them, thank you very much for your incredible work and support.


Terria Platforms are of two types: TerriaMaps designed for quick data exploration and Terria Digital Twins, building on TerriaMaps but focused more on 3D data interaction and advanced interactions. Both are data platforms which enable users to discover, visualise, interact, create stories and share 2D and 3D geospatial data. The platforms are echoing current trends of making geospatial data discovery and interaction easy without the need of GIS expertise or downloading specific applications. All in your browser!
The Guide documentation will show end users how to explore the platforms by adding data to the maps, visualising, understanding the data and sharing and publishing their own data stories.

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